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Green Horizons

Company Roots

Summer job grows into largest lawn care company in the Twin Cities.

A commitment to service; it runs in the family. Our founder, Chris Beutz, returned home from college one summer to discover a logo designed by dad and flyers distributed to all of the neighbors by his mom and siblings. 25 years and over 3000 customers later, the Green Horizons company continues to be guided by this simple Beutz family principle—be there to lend a neighbor (or a family member) a helping hand.

One Lawn, One Relationship At A Time

Chris didn’t set out to become a thought and business leader within the lawn care industry. He simply knew how to nurture relationships. And he wasn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Two qualities, it turns out, homeowners as well as employees seem to really appreciate—as proven by their repeat business and commitment to their craft, respectively.

Services Built On Service

Green Horizons continues to build on the number of ways we can lend a helping hand to maintain and beautify our neighbors’ outdoor living environments. Currently, our core maintenance services include:

• Spring Clean-up
• Weekly Mowing
• Fall Clean-up
• Lawn Fertilization
• Lawn Weed, Insect and Disease Control
• Lawn Seeding, Renovations, Core Aeration and Dethatching
• Shrub Trimming
• Mulching and Compost Topdressing
• Gutter Cleaning
• Snow Removal

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Mowing

Leaf Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Lawn Edging

Gutter Cleaning

Lawn Care

Lawn Fertilization

Weed Control

Organic Fertilization

Core Aeration


Seeding Repair and Enhancement


Hand Weeding


Trimming and Pruning

Lawn Irrigation and Sprinklers


Snow Removal

Snow Plowing

Snow Blowing





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