Green Horizons’ Summer Lawn Tips

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As we move deeper into the summer months of the year, the temperature outside will be reaching the upper 80’s and 90’s. While most people will be enjoying this growing warmth, it can be difficult and stressful for lawns. If you have noticed your lush, green Spring Lawn developing hues of yellow and brown, follow Green Horizons’ Summer lawn tips to return it to it’s former glory. While caring for your lawn during the warmest months of the year it is important to properly cut and water your lawn.

Before anyone starts mowing their lawn it is essential to be equipped with the correct materials. Your lawn mower should have a sharp mowing blade in order to achieve a crisp, clean cut. This relieves stress from the lawn which ultimately makes it healthier.

Once you are prepared to mow, Green Horizons recommends you should always cut high in the summer. Lawns should be cut three inches or higher, especially in sunny areas of your lawn. The longer lawn avoids the risk of the grass being fried by the powerful sun. Many homeowners forget this rule also applies while weed whipping which will keep the edges of their lawn comparable to the rest of the area. A general rule of thumb for your lawn is that you should only cut 1/3 of a blade of grass. Although it seems like you could save money and time by letting your lawn grow very tall and then cutting it very short all at once, it is actually much healthier to cut your lawn frequently to lessen the amount of stress on the grass.

Not only is the height which you cut your lawn important, but also the direction lawn is being cut in is a factor to your lawns health. When your mowers wheels and weight is distributed to the same areas every time you mow, it is hard on the lawn. When Green Horizons mows, we alter our mowing tract with each visit. By varying cross cutting patterns each week from horizontal to vertical to the two different diagonal ways there can be four different mowing angles. This variance creates a much healthier lawn.

In the summer it is also important to take into account the amount and time a lawn is watered. Green Horizons recommends that a lawn is deep watered every two to three days a week. This will help the grass’ roots create a stronger connection with the soil. Watering at the proper time of day can also help avoid disease in the lawn. A lawn should be watered in the early morning so it has time to dry throughout the day, instead of at night which can cause disease. Sometimes if a person has a diseased lawn, they will think it just looks dry and then water it even more. However, if the disease is fungus it will feed on the water and summer warmth and can actually worsen the problem.

With the assistance of Green Horizons’ tips your lawn can stay lush and green throughout the entire summer. Although this may seem overwhelming to some, Green Horizons employees are use these guidelines as second nature. Hire us today to properly cut and water your lawn, allowing you to relax and be stress free throughout the Summer months.

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