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Green Horizons

Organic Fertilization

The natural choice when you want a healthier, greener lawn.

Become a lawn hugger. Great leaps forward have been made in natural, organic and biological lawn care. And now you can get caught up in one, simple step. Green Horizons is proud to introduce our earth-, pet- and people-friendly techniques and fertilizer technologies into your lawn care and maintenance mix.

Advanced Organic Fertilization Services From Just $39
Not all that is green is good. Lawns overloaded with nitrates risk burning out or, worse yet, allow unused fertilizer to run off and contaminate the water supply.  In combination with more progressive lawn management practices designed to naturally “choke out” problem plants and pesky bugs and diseases, our premium organic fertilizer is the sure—and safe—way to build a thick, vigorous lawn.

We love sharing what we know about organic fertilization and other ways we can help make your world a more beautiful place. For a detailed estimate, cclick here or call 952.939.0155.

A Word From the Guru of Green

There’s a science to beating weeds through organic methods. For example, crabgrass control through corn gluten meal has to be TIMED and APPLIED just right and with a commitment to the long term. Plus, every year is different. So we monitor soil temps, sending our technicians to your yard the moment the ideal conditions are met. For more info from our friends over at the U of M, click here.

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