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Green Horizons

Leaf Removal Pros

Leaf removal service in a league all its own.

Fall is our crunch time. From the moment the first leaf hits the ground, Green Horizons leaf removal teams are off and running—so you don’t have to even think about raking. Instead, just kick back and watch the magic happen as the most well-coached leaf removal crew in town makes your leaves disappear, right before your eyes.

Professional Leaf Removal Services With A Personal Touch
Our experience and techniques enable us to take on the biggest fall cleaning jobs. We utilize a combination of tools, rakes, blowers and vacuums to ensure that every inch of your lawn and landscaping is good going forward. And then there’s our positive, helpful attitude. When it comes to preparing your property for winter, you’ll be glad we’re on your side

Learn more about the best leaf removal team in town. For a free detailed estimate, click here or call 952.939.0155.

A Word From the Guru of Green

Who doesn’t love a big leaf pile? Our giant vacuum truck makes quick work of the leaves we, um, leave on your curb, then takes it away to our even more ginormous leaf “mountain” at our own compost site.

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