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Green Horizons

Weed Control Green Zone

Protect your lawn and our environment from weeds, insects and disease.

Maximum health, minimal chemicals. Declaring all-out war on weeds, pests and disease is so 20th century. We prefer a more integrated approach to managing problem plants and pests (IPM), led by your team of experienced Green Horizons technicians.

These are people who know your neighborhood and the nuances and microclimates of your yard like the back of their green thumbs—professionals who don’t apply fertilizer by the truckload but, rather, employ scientifically sound and environmentally sensitive practices to deliver far more effective results.

Weeds, Insects or Disease? No problem.
Reducing the stress on your lawn is job one. Optimal growth of grasses which naturally “choke out” problem plants and pesky bugs and diseases requires a smart blend fertilizer, proper mowing and watering methods, plus aeration and dethatching. The best part: In fixing one problem, this method doesn’t create an even bigger one.

Learn more about what you can do to rid your lawn of problem weeds, insects and disease while being responsible to the environment. For a free detailed estimate, click here or call 952.939.0155.

A Word From the Guru of Green

Did you know the warmer temperatures and higher humidity in the Twin Cities over the past two decades are mostly due to warmer overnight lows? Herein lies the problem: Fungi in your lawn thrives in warm, moist conditions, and the longer it stays warm and wet, the more trouble it causes for your lawn.

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