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Green Horizons

Spring Cleanup

The first responders of spring lawn cleanup.

Rescuing yards from winter since 1988. Each spring, thousands of homeowners put out the call—Old Man Winter has released his hold on humanity. Now the question is how to get a grip on your lawn during this critical growing period. Trained Green Horizons lawn care experts stand ready to give your property the spring refresher course—from leaf removal to landscaping repair—it needs to grow healthy and green all season long.

Refreshingly Thorough Spring Lawn and Landscaping Clean-up Services
Removing matted down areas during spring allows air and water into the soil, for a greener, healthier yard. Timing is of the essence. For best practices, your Green Horizons lawn care team will coordinate services to occur in precisely the right order—even if that means waiting to begin until the ground fully thaws and moisture levels are perfectly balanced.

For lawn aficionados, spring is where it’s at. Learn more about how Green Horizons helps you take full advantage of this key growing season. For a free detailed estimate, click here. Or call 952.939.0155.

A Word From the Guru of Green

Spring cleaning is just the beginning. Crack open our 6-Pack Mowing Service Special, and see just how easy-going life can be.

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