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Green Horizons

Hand Weeding Services

Need help keeping your garden free of weeds? Try hand weeding services by experienced local Minneapolis company.

More love, less labor. Gardens and flower beds are like children: They are a joy to watch grow up but, boy, do they take a lot of work. Especially when you only have so much time, energy and patience for those down-and-dirty gardening duties. At Green Horizons, we care for your garden like one of our very own and love to get dirt under our green thumbnails.

Professional Hand Weeding From Just $49
In addition to hand-pulling weeds—including those deep dandelion tap roots or the extensive rhizomes of the dreaded Creeping Charlie—Green Horizons gardening crews employ an array of tools to dig, scoop, pull and wrestle weeds (and their pesky roots) into submission and out of your garden. From Rototillers to Bobcat front loaders, we have the right cultivating equipment for the job.

Upon request and only if necessary, we utilize chemical weed controls (RoundUp®, for example) to cleanse entire areas. After which, we recommend adding a solution, such as Preen®, to prevent new weeds from seeding.

The idea of easy, weed-free gardening starting to take root in your imagination? Fabulous. Green Horizons is happy to provide a helping hand, starting with a free detailed estimate. To receive yours click here or call 952.939.0155.

A Word From the Guru of Green

A healthy bed of mulch does wonder for weed reduction. Consider Green Horizons for your mulch upkeep needs, from simple delivery to full application.

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