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Green Horizons

Homegrown Organic Topdressing

Green Horizons turns yard and garden wastes into black gold.

The organic compost mother lode. As the saying goes, “It’s only waste if you waste it.” For years, Green Horizons owner, Chris Beutz, has been recycling and composting yard clippings and garden residuals. The object of his obsessive sifting, turning, screening, experimenting—to create the perfect compost, rich in natural nutrients and biology.

Top Reasons to Topdress
Adding organic matter to your lawn by topdressing with compost is one of the most beneficial lawn care practices we offer. Here are just a few of the more important reasons why you’ll find Chris out on his tractor each morning, as he turns the beautiful possibilities over and over and over in his mind.

Soil Amendment
Topdressing improves soil biology by adding organic matter including millions of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms, beautifully bring your soil to life.

  • Adds beneficial Microbial Activity
  • Suppresses Certain Plant Diseases
  • Stabilizes Soil PH
  • Reduces the need for supplemental fertilizers
  • Transforms your lawn into organic, low-maintenance, healthy turf


Soil Structure and Drainage
In combination with sand or other corrective materials, topdressing can be used to allow moisture to penetrate more deeply and even out terrain.

  • Increases Infiltration and Permeability
  • Increases Water Holding Capacity
  • Improves drainage and drought-resistance
  • Increases Humus content, helping to bind sandy soils
  • Smooths out bumps caused by worm castings


If you’re like us, talking about homegrown organic topdressing never grows old—only richer and more lively. To learn more about how we help Mother Nature work her magic naturally or to request a detailed estimate, click here or call 952.939.0155.

A Word From the Guru of Green

We recommend of ¼” top dressing service over the whole lawn in either spring or fall to increase the organic matter and “life force” in your lawn’s soil.

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