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Green Horizons

Core Aeration Experts

Help your lawn breathe easier and grow greener with core aeration.

Plugging away since 1988. From the beginning, Green Horizons has been committed to making your life easier and your lawn healthier. Providing timely core aeration services is one important way we deliver on that promise.

How Mechanical Core Aeration and Green Horizons Work
Simply, it’s one of the most critical processes you can perform to help keep your lawn looking healthy and strong. (We know; the areas nicest golf course superintendents perform core aerations up to twice a year on fairways and greens.) It is especially important for compact, heavy or clay soils.

Here is how it works: “Plugs” are mechanically pulled from your lawn, creating holes up to 2 ¾” deep throughout the property. (Think of them as ventilation shafts and water catches for the organics that grasses depend on) This helps to reduce soil compaction that prevents roots from growing deeper and stronger.

Want to dig a bit deeper into core aeration? We thought you’d never ask. For more information on how Green Horizons lawn care professionals stand ready to resuscitate your lawn and a detailed estimate, click here or call 952.939.0155.

A Word From the Guru of Green

Nothing enhances the value of your fertilization more than a core aeration (yes, that rhymes) performed prior to the fertilizer. Aerate + Fertilizer + Water = Peace, Love and Happylawniness (yes, I made that up).

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