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Green Horizons

Snow Plowing Services

There to plow you out when winter piles it on.

Go on. Let it snow. When Old Man Winter throws you a sucker punch, Green Horizons has got your back. We are the leading residential snow plowing company in the Twin Cities, offering homeowners 24/7 snow plowing services—not to mention blowing and shoveling, plus roof raking and ice control services.

Fast, Friendly Snow Plowing Services

At our St. Louis Park headquarters, we spend our winter months constantly monitoring the weather and maintaining our fleet of snow plow trucks, Bobcats and other snow management equipment. This way, we can ensure that Green Horizons trained field operators—70 and counting—are ready to roll the second the storm rolls in.

Had enough of clearing off snow but need more information? For the full scoop on Green Horizons snow plowing and other winter-related services, click here for a free estimate. Or call 952.939.0155.

A Word From the Guru of Green

Okay, I know snow is really more white than green. Roll with it. And remember to order early as spots are limited and fill up fast every winter.

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